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Our aims

The organisation is intended to be a platform for budding musicians in the classical genre to develop their performance skills in a congenial environment and for them to increase their public profile. We encourage and facilitate philanthropy to support emerging musical talent.


The Trust, in pursuit of its principal purpose, promotes all aspects of musical performance, the study and tuition of music including the promotion of composition, arrangement, conducting and direction, which are all important to be able to present to the public as a performing art.


Since the establishment of the Trust, it has promoted and fostered world-class musicians in Australia who have been able to take a place in the international classical music scene. Some of the musicians and performers that we have promoted in the past can be seen through our featured links and on our events pages.


The aim of the Trust is to continue this fine tradition into the future. The Trust is interested in promoting and supporting Australia’s musical talent not only at home but to give musicians and performers the opportunity to travel and enhance their musical experience abroad as well as giving them a springboard to the world stage, to which some of our past recipients have become accustomed. By doing so we are not only securing a strong future for the musicians, but are in essence promoting a culture on which to build by lifting the level of musicianship in Australia for this generation and the ones to follow.

How we operate

The Trust relies upon the assistance of volunteers who freely give up their time and their homes as a performance space to promote its aims. Its musical director is Lilia Makhlina, a former concert pianist from the Soviet Union, who obtained her credentials as a musician and doctor of music in performance and teaching of piano forte from the Odessa Conservatorium of Music, Ukraine. Prior to the establishment of the trust, she put together regular concert performances where young up-and-coming musicians under her private pupillage were given the opportunity to perform .


Some of our Volunteers:


Max Volfneuk

   Architecture Student at                Sydney University


   New York University-Diploma      of Music Theory&Composition

Ilana Orlievsky

   Executive Search and                Business Development          Consultant at Eaton Capital  Partners

Dr. Alex Radchik

   Director, AksonG PTY LTD

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